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Posted on May 28, 2015 at 9:00 AM

back splash designs

When it comes to designing a backsplash, there are countless possibilities. We all have seen the designs featured on TV shows such as HGTV and those online showcased through websites like Houzz.

Choosing the design that is right for you can be confusing and we understand the thought that goes into that kind of decision-making. There is a lot to consider, especially with design selections that each include various expressions of a modern, rustic, timeless, retro or industrial, kind of look. We understand that this decision includes trying to match any themes and home décor features of your kitchen. We certainly understand the level of thought that goes into selecting a design for your tile backsplash.

One of our favorite things to do when consulting with customers about tile back splash designs is to get a feel for the features of the kitchen in order to help design the tile backsplash they envision. All of the work we do is in here in Connecticut and the designs described below are only a sample of some of the most common backsplashes we have designed and installed. We take the time to personally work with our customers and strive to make sure the end result is as visually stunning as each customer envisioned it to be and one they are happy to show off. The personalized approach we take begins in out showroom and continues long after the job is complete. Our way of doing business is building relationships and so far has delivered hundreds of repeat customers and countless recommendations. In many cases, we are the only contractor many of our customers continue to use for their tile and hardwood flooring needs.

We have a process of sorts to help our customers weed through some of their design ideas, tile selection, tile color or patterns, inlay pattern and installation method. However, this process is directly shaped by the size of the backsplash surface area to be tiled. You can read more about selecting tile sizes in relation to the size of the surface area to be tiled here.

The first of several questions we ask is about the color of your countertops and cabinets. We do this to get a feel for the larger color scheme of the kitchen. For example, a natural stone countertop that has a lot of color and pattern movement within the stone, we would normally suggest selecting a solid natural stone or ceramic to tile the backsplash with. A solid tone backsplash tile fits seamlessly with a multi-color countertop, or a multi-color backsplash tile with lots of pattern movement will go well with a solid color countertop.

We will also talk about other types of design features that can highlight or accent different areas of your tiled backsplash area. Any backsplash can have listellos, decorative moldings or mosaic and glass tiles incorporated. This design feature can break up busy patterns or give a unique and personal flare to the overall design.

These deign features add a distinctive look to your kitchen. If choosing to add that unique feature to your over all design, we work with you on the appropriate height placement that maximizes the visibility and character accents.

Two of the most important design factors to keep in mind are the height of the backsplash and the desired size of tile. For example, if you have a small backsplash height of 14 inches (considering the average backsplash height is 18 inches), you will not want to select larger backsplash tile such as a 6”x 6”. Most backsplash designs utilize a 3”x 6” or 4”x4” tile. Another frequently used design incorporates square tiles set on a diagonal pattern. Other designs can incorporate both square and rectangle tiles. One such pattern is referred to as a Tuscany inlay. This design uses both a 4x4 and 4x8 tile, which gives a sort of staggered “stair” look.

By far, the most common backsplash tile we install here in Connecticut makes use of our natural stone selections. Not only do our customers select natural stone to tile their backsplash with, but they also incorporate mosaics and glass tiles into the design.

The most common natural stone and mosaic tile combination we design and install uses a decorative liner that runs the length of the backsplash. These liners can be installed right directly on the top, sides or bottom of the backsplash can be separated by using a pencil molding.

Some of our customers have decided to tile their entire backsplash with mosaic and glass tiles. The most common mosaic we install is an interlocking mosaic tile. This type of mosaic includes stone and/or glass pieces of different lengths, but that are identical in width.

At the end of the day, whatever design you have envisioned for your tile backsplash, we have the design know how and materials to help bring that vision to life.

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